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Brand competitiveness

Brand competitiveness

No.1 Korean Jjamppong, E.B.GA's competitiveness comes from
endless development and thorough quality control

Long-running product
with no slumps

E.B.GA Jjamppong has simplified the menus and focused on the taste and quality instead. The number of ingredients used aren't much, so the waste ratio isn't high. The company supplies the noodles and sauce, which are the most important. This makes starting your own restaurant easy and stable.

Unique taste that
no one can copy

There are many jjamppong restaurants that try to copy our recipe, but E.B.GA's jjamppong is unique and isn't something that can be imitated. E.B.GA has achieved today's success through taste only.

Systematic recipe and
core technique

The company owns the technique for the core ingredients, and produces them, maintaining the unique taste and quality. We are also continuing to invest in taste and quality, by expanding our factory, etc.

Professional production
and delivery system

E.B.GA Jjamppong has a professional production and delivery system to stably support your business. The main ingredients are produced in dedicated production lines with the HACCP accreditation. [HACCP Accreditation] All products of E.B.GA Jjamppong can be trusted, produced and delivered in under a thorough management system through the HACCP accreditation.

Inquiries for start-up

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