Welcome to E.B.GA Food, the originator of jjamppong.


People of E.B.GA design
the beauty of taste with love,
sincerity, and soul.

Make life joyful with taste, and enrich the world.
The spirit of E.B.GA to serve the best taste with love, sincerity, and soul is the love for food
and passion for taste.

E.B.GA started from the desire to share delicious food with people we love. Everyone
who visits E.B.GA is our precious family, so we do our best to serve each and every one of them
and share happiness through food.


We believe that we share
love with precious people
by eating food

so we are creating the taste of E.B.GA, where tradition lives on, through endless research on
taste and quality. As a result, we developed E.B.GA Jjamppong, the first patented
Jjamppong in Korea.

My mouth waters in front of E.B.GA Jjamppong". People who have tasted E.B.GA Jjamppong
revisited us, and its consistent taste went viral. We have become Korea's representative
Jjamppong brand and we are trying to go one step further and
become the best global restaurant brand.

Why E.B.GA Food?

In Korean, E.B.GAnda means that you can't stop eating something because it is so delicious.
With a patented secret recipe and fresh ingredients, E.B.GA's Jjamppong contains nature itself.
It is so delicious that everyone who has tried it comes back for it, because they find it so good.
Korea's No.1 master in Jjamppong, who has seized the tastes of the Koreans, is advancing

toward seizing the tastes of the world. You may not be a good cook or a good business
manager, but we can help you to start and manage your own business,
and serve the customers with great food,
by sharing E.B.GA Jjamppong's secret to success.

Inquiries for start-up

Do you have any questions? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Wellcome, We're always waiting for you.

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