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Korea's first patent for making Jjamppong soup

After repeated research with professional chefs, E.B.GA Jjamppong
obtained Korea's first patent for making Jjamppong soup with Korean beef bone, chicken, and herbs.

E.B.GA Korean
Jjamppong recipe

E.B.GA Jjamppong is a Korean-style jjamppong with deep-flavored spicy soup made from
oyster, clam, and beef bone, boiled for over 12 hours.

Well-being slow Jjamppong

Most of the Jjamppong is cooked with speed, but ours is a healthy Jjamppong,
cooked for hours based on Korean beef broth.

  • Broth boiled for 12 hours
  • Noodles aged for 4 hours with alkaline water
  • 8 local ingredients
  • Rich taste of Korea

    Beef bone
  • For clean taste and meat flavor

    Korean native chicken
  • Protects the body and balances the taste:

    Medicinal herbs
  • Sea's milk, from fresh seas

  • Korean red pepper
    powder that stimulates
    one's appetite
  • Onions, repository of
    taste and nutrients
  • Cabbages, rich with
    vitamin C and calcium
  • Zucchini, low-calorie
    and rich in fibers

Jjamppong that is easy to digest

E.B.GA Jjamppong uses low-temperature aged raw noodles and self-developed Jjamppong sauce.

E.B.GA Jjamppong uses low-temperature aged raw noodles kneaded with alkaline water, which is easier to digest than general flour noodles.
Also, the natural yeast extract protects your stomach.
Hangover cure noodle patent
  • #Alkaline_kneaded&aged
  • #Self-produced_raw_noodles
Natural yeast seasoning with no artificial capsaicin
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